Monday, 27 June 2022

'Twas The Night Before Pride by Joanna McClintick and Juana Medina

'Twas The Night Before Pride
by Joanna McClintick and Juana Medina (illus.)

'Twas the Night Before Pride is a glittering celebration of queer families that puts Pride gently in perspective – honouring those in the LBGTQ+ community who fought against injustice and inequality.

Pride’s a day that means “Together, we are strong!” 

This joyful picture-book homage to a day of community and inclusion – and to the joys of anticipation – is also a comprehensive history. With bright, buoyant illustrations and lyrical, age-appropriate rhyme modeled on “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” it tackles difficult content such as the Stonewall Riots and the AIDS marches. 

On the night before Pride, families everywhere are preparing to partake. As one family packs snacks and makes signs, an older sibling shares the importance of the parade with the newest member of the family. Reflecting on the day, the siblings agree that the best thing about Pride is getting to be yourself. Debut author Joanna McClintic and Pura BelprĂ© Award–winning author-illustrator Juana Medina create a new classic that pays homage to the beauty of families of all compositions – and of all-inclusive love.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

International Dot Day - 2022

Celebrate International Dot Day on 15th-ish September!

International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds book The Dot on September 15, 2009. Now, every 15-ish September, more than 10 million teachers, librarians, and children in 170 countries participate in International Dot Day, making their mark by getting busy with writing, drawing, painting, or other creative outlets and sharing their Dot Day inspiration with others.

Join in the global celebrations on 15-ish September by hosting a reading of The Dot, throwing a creative dot-making event, or planning a weeklong series of activities — the possibilities are endless! 

To find out more and to discover other great ideas for making your mark on International Dot Day, visit

Click here for your International Dot Day Classroom Guide

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Free resources for Refugee Week: 20-26th June

Key Stage 1 and above:

Gently build awareness in your classroom of the ongoing struggle of refugees across the world with our poignant and beautifully illustrated picture books.

The Day War Came by Nicola Davies and Rebecca Cobb is a powerful and necessary picture book – the journey of a child forced to become a refugee when war destroys everything she has ever known.

When the government refused to allow 3000 child refugees to enter this country in 2016, Nicola Davies was so angry she wrote a poem. The poem has become this book, movingly illustrated by Rebecca Cobb. A powerful aid for explaining the ongoing refugee crisis to younger readers.

“There are few modern children’s books that make you cry. This is one of them.” – The Times

“An excellent answer to the question of how to talk to children about war.” – The Guardian

Download Teachers’ Notes

Watch Nicola read The Day War Came

Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and Gill Smith is a poetic, powerful story about a little brother and a big sister finding a new home and new hope after being rescued from a boat lost in the dark sea.

“With illustrations that find sweetness in sadness, this touching picture book is the resonant story of refugee siblings who have lost everything but each other.” – The Sunday Times

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Key Stage 2 and above:

On the Move: Poems About Migration by the award-winning duo, Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake is a personal and uniquely affecting collection of poems about migration and displacement. Winner of the CLIPPA poetry award, this anthology is by turns charming, shocking and heartbreaking. 

“Blake’s haunting drawings complement Rosen’s compelling words beautifully in this very accessible volume.” – The Independent

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Key Stage 3 and above:

The Waiting Place: When Home is Lost and a New One Not Yet Found by Dina Nayeri and Anna Bosch Miralpeix is an unflinching look at ten young lives suspended outside of time – and bravely proceeding anyway – inside the Katsikas refugee camp in Greece.

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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

New June Picture Book Releases

Check out a selection of our June releases. Find out more by clicking each book below!

by Olaf Falafel

Watch our Blobfish trailer below:

Ready for Spaghetti
by Michael Rosen and Polly Dunbar (illus.)

Watch our Ready for Spaghetti video below:

Ten Delicious Teachers PB
by Ross Montgomery and Sarah Warburton (illus.)

Watch our Ten Delicious Teachers reading video below:

Now out in paperback!

Find your Happy
by Emily Coxhead

"A wonderful, wonderful book." Ed Sheeran
"Joyfully uplifting and beautiful." Giovanna Fletcher

'Twas The Night Before Pride
by Joanna McClintick and Juana Medina (illus.)

Watch a behind the scenes video for 'Twas The Night Before Pride below:

Where's Wally: Double Trouble at the Museum PB
by Martin Handford

Now out in paperback! 

by Justin Anderson and Jo Weaver (illus.)

Jeppo at the Sleepover
by Ingela P Arrenhius

Everywhere with you
by Carlie Sorosiak and Devon Holzwarth (illus.)

I'll Go and Come Back
by Rajani LaRocca and Sara Palacios (illus.)

Mama and Mummy and Me in the Middle
by Nina LaCour and Kaylani Juanita (illus.)

Fantastic Book of Feelings 
by Marcia Williams

Now out in paperback! 

All of our June releases are now available from all good booksellers!

Thursday, 5 May 2022

New May Picture Book Releases

Check out a selection of our May releases below! 

No Nancy No: A Seaside Adventure
by Alice Tait

Nancy is visiting her cousin Jack at the seaside, when his cheeky pet parrot flies away. “After that parrot!” cries Nancy, and sets off in hot pursuit, racing across the bustling beach, the colourful funfair and even the foaming sea. But … uh-oh! There’s lots of mischief to be had beside the sea … and Nancy is VERY mischievous!

With plenty of flaps to open, a fold-out map, and an exciting pop-up pirate ship, this is an interactive read-aloud for all the family.


by Emma Perry and illustrated by Claire Alexander

Pull on your wellies and button up your coats for this playful, interactive story all about children delighting in the joy of splish-splash-sploshing in muddy puddles with their friends, and cherishing snuggles on the sofa afterwards. Emma Perry's debut on the Walker list encapsulates the joy of being outside whatever the weather, and is paired perfectly with Claire Alexander's watercolour artwork to recreate splashing puddles and raindrops!

The Queen: Panorama Pops
Illustrated by Liz Kay

Queen Elizabeth II's iconic reign will reach the 70 year mark in 2022, with celebrations all over the world for her Platinum Jubilee. This beautiful novelty book is packed with information about the Queen's stately duties as well as fascinating trivia about her personal life. For example, did you know that the Queen was nicknamed "Princess Auto Mechanic" during World War Two, when she joined the women's branch of the British army? Or that she named her first corgi Dookie? Or that she is the most widely travelled monarch in the world? Learn all this and more in this exquisite cut-paper souvenir.

Anglerfish: The Seadevil of the Deep
by Elaine M. ALexander and illustrated by Fiona Fogg

Deep in the darkest part of the ocean where no ray of sunlight can reach, Anglerfish makes her home. Resources are scarce, and fellow inhabitants scarcer. Still largely a mystery to scientists, the deep-sea anglerfish is a true source of fascination and awe. This mesmerizing picture book shines a light on the fascinating fish, pairing a captivating text with stunning artwork.

Grandma's Story
by Moira Butterfield and illustrated by Salvatore Rubino

"All the grown-ups you know have their own story. They were all babies once. Then they grew, just like you..."

This charming picture book is all about grandparents, grandchildren and connections between the generations. The two important messages at its heart are, first, that older family members often play a HUGE part in a child's life, which is something to celebrate, and, second, that we each have our own "life story" – a fundamental point for developing empathy in young children. With characterful artwork throughout, and an end-note packed full of suggestions on how to use this book with a child, Grandma's Story is a perfect choice for grandparents, grandchildren and everyone in-between to share.

Ernest the Elephant
by Anthony Browne

Ernest is a happy baby elephant. But when his curiosity gets the better of him and he leaves the rest of his herd to explore the alluring and dangerous jungle, he becomes very lost indeed. Amongst the undergrowth, he meets a rude gorilla, a weary lion, an impolite hippo and an uncaring crocodile. Will anyone help Ernest find his way out of the jungle and home to his mum? From the international phenomenon, Anthony Browne, comes a heartfelt, visually stunning picture book, about finding help in unexpected places.
Now out in paperback.

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut
by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Gordon C. James

The barber shop is where magic happens! Boys go in as lumps of clay and, with princely robes draped around their shoulders, a dab of cool shaving cream on their foreheads and a slow, steady cut, they become royalty, aware of every great thing that could happen to them when they look good. Their grades improve, they get noticed, they feel good about themselves. This rhythmic, read-aloud title is an unbridled celebration of the self-esteem, confidence and swagger boys feel when they leave the barber's chair. It's a tradition that places a figurative crown on their heads that perfectly confirms their brilliance and worth. 
Now out in paperback.

Just in Case You Want to Fly
by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Christian Robinson

Just in case you want to fly
here's some wind and here's the sky...

What else might you need? A song. Your favourite giraffe. And a map to find your way home again.
This tender, contemplative picture book is about growing up. It’s about parents giving their children the gifts, no matter how quiet or small, to succeed and to navigate the world on their own. And it’s about the connection that binds a parent and child … because no matter how far they fly or who they become, they will always have home. 
Now out in paperback.

How to Be Cooler than Cool
by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Jean Jullien

Cat has found a pair of sunglasses. She thinks they are going to make her look COOL. “I’m not just any old cat at the playground," she says. "I’m a real cool cat, gliding backwards down the slide, looking cooler than cool ... WITH EXTRA COOL ON TOP!” She pops on the glasses … confidently struts forwards and – Meooaaaooow! – falls down the slide. Oh, how UNCOOL. Can Pig or Cockatoo do any better?

From the team behind Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise and I Want to Be in a Scary Story comes a gloriously slapstick title that celebrates friendship, play and being yourself (no matter how goofy). 
Now out in paperback.

Click here for our How to Be Cooler than Cool activity sheets.

All of our May releases are now available from all good booksellers!

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Jenni Desmond

Nicola Davies and Jenni Desmond's first collaboration: a spell-binding tour of Planet Earth and an important rallying cry.

Where on Earth are you, right now? It’s late where I am and almost everyone’s asleep, but I’m awake, looking out into the night. Wondering…

As the clock starts striking midnight, a little girl and her sister visit animals of every shape and size, all around the world – discovering that, in some time zones, creatures have just started their day, where in others they’re already busy hunting for food. Combining fascinating biology, spectacular artwork and an important climate message, Nicola Davies and Jenni Desmond’s first book together is a magnificent celebration of life on Earth ... and a powerful call to action.

“Nicola Davies is one of the best children’s writers in the business.” Huffington Post
“Jenni Desmond knows just how to make children’s precious imaginations soar.” Guardian

“The subject of the environment continues to dominate children’s publishing, and this uplifting piece of narrative non-fiction brings fresh air to a crowded field." 'The best new children’s books to buy for Easter 2022', The Daily Telegraph

“This narrative non-fiction picture book is a soaring love-letter to our planet, showcasing both its beauty and fragility in a gentle and truthful way" ‘Editor’s Choice’, The Bookseller

Click here for our One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth Teacher's Notes.


One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth by Nicola Davies & Jenni Desmond is now available from all good booksellers.

Thursday, 7 April 2022

New April Picture Book Releases

Check out a selection of our April releases below! 

Oh No, George! 10th Anniversary

by Chris Haughton

In this hilarious read-aloud by the multiple award-winning author-illustrator of A Bit Lost and Shh! We Have a Plan, Harris is off to do some shopping. "Will you be good, George?" he asks his dog. George hopes he can. He really wants to ... but chocolate cake is just so very delicious and he does love to chase cat... What will George do now? Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Chris Haughton's distinctive artwork perfectly accompanies the innocent charm of affable George, a dog trying to be good – with hilarious results!


by Chris Haughton

Three little monkeys, and their big monkey, are sitting high up on their branch in the forest canopy. “OK, monkeys! I’m off," says the big monkey. “Now remember. Whatever you do, do NOT go down to the mango tree. There are tigers down there.” Mmm … mangos! think the little monkeys. They LOVE mangos. Hmm ... maybe … maybe they could just look at the mangos? That’d be OK, right? Now available as a paperback.

One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth
by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Jenni Desmond

“Nicola Davies is one of the best children’s writers in the business.” Huffington Post
“Jenni Desmond knows just how to make children’s precious imaginations soar.” Guardian

Where on Earth are you, right now? It’s late where I am and almost everyone’s asleep, but I’m awake, looking out into the night. Wondering… As the clock starts striking midnight, a little girl and her sister visit animals of every shape and size, all around the world – discovering that, in some time-zones, creatures have just started their day, wherein others they’re already busy hunting for food. Combining fascinating biology, spectacular artwork and an important climate message, Nicola Davies and Jenni Desmond’s first book together is a magnificent celebration of life on Earth ... and a powerful call to action.

I'm a Neutrino
by Dr Eve M. Vavagiakis and illustrated by Ilze Lemesis

Before you finish reading this sentence, trillions upon trillions of neutrinos will have passed through your body. Not sure what a neutrino is? This dazzling picture book from a renowned cosmologist introduces young readers to the smallest bits of matter known to exist. And they exist everywhere! Filled with fascinating, full-bleed illustrations that swirl and splash the cosmos to life, this incredible STEM title shows us the wonders of our universe, encouraging children and future Nobel Prize-winners to dream of their own groundbreaking discoveries.

A Best Friend for Bear
by Petr Horacek

Black Bear is feeling lonely, so he decides to look for a friend. Luckily, he meets Brown Bear, who is in the same situation! The bears decide to search for a friend together. They search everywhere, but their elusive friend is nowhere to be found. Or have they been right there all along?
With stunning artwork and heart-warming text, this is a beautiful picture book from the Kate Greenaway Medal-shortlisted Petr Horácek.

Do Lions Hate Haircuts?
by Bethany Walker and illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

Nobody, NOBODY, can cut Leonard’s hair to his liking. That is, until he meets Marvin. Marvin is just a mouse but, oh, what wild and whacky styles he can whip up with his teeny-tiny comb and scissors… Soon, Leonard and Marvin are best buddies. The problem is, Leonard wants Marvin to cut his hair and HIS HAIR ONLY. So when Leonard sees Marvin giving Zebra a new hairdo, Leonard struggles with a spot of jealousy... A comedy of little and large, this high-energy story of friendship, sharing, and working together will have readers laughing out loud – and gently reassure any child who fears the hairdresser’s chair.

Snakes on a Train
by Kathryn Dennis

Snakes on a train? Yes, indeed! These colourful, wriggly passengers are going on a fabuloussss journey. They slither onto the train and the adventure begins, travelling through dark tunnels, racing up and down hills and chugging across a bridge above a river of fish. Until finally night falls; it's time for the train to rest and for the snakes to tuck in their tails for a good night's sleep. From the switcher snake that gets the locomotive on the right track to the "brakesnake" who brings the journey to a necessary halt, this is a funny, unforgettable feast for fans of snakes and trains alike.

Penny and the Little Lost Puppy
by Emily Sutton

Moving home can feel a bit lonely, so Penny can’t believe her luck when she finds a new friend right in her garden: a puppy who wants to play all day long! But the next morning, Penny's playmate is nowhere to be seen ... wherever can she have gone? To find out, Penny and Dad will have to get to know their new town a little better.

With this charming tale, the award-winning artist behind The Christmas Eve Tree and the critically acclaimed Tiny series makes her debut as an author-illustrator: here is a story about making friends and finding ways to belong, matching a gentle text with spectacular, detailed artwork. The result is a book to pore over – perfect for any young dog fans.

Dance with Oti: The Bird Jive
by Oti Mabuse and illustrated by Samara Hardy

It’s time for Oti’s dance class! Join Oti in her dance studio and learn “The Bird Jive” in ten easy steps.
There are lots of children in Oti’s dance class – and lots of feelings, too. Meet Fikile in her sparkly new shoes and Naira who is SUPER excited to get started! Gan is feeling a little worried about joining in whilst Martin can’t wait to show his parents what he can do! But in the middle of their dance routine, an unexpected visitor disrupts the class. Not to fear, Oti is here! Soon they are back on track, getting ready for the performance of their lives.

Written by Strictly Come Dancing 
superstar Oti Mabuse, this debut picture book will dance into the hands of families who have loved watching Oti on-screen.


All of our April releases are now available from all good booksellers!