Thursday 4 August 2022

New August Picture Book Releases

Check out a selection of our August releases. Find out more by clicking each book below!

Sticky McStickStick: The Friend Who Helped Me Walk Again
by Michael Rosen, Tony Ross (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

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Margaret's Unicorn
by Briony May Smith

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Now out in paperback! 

by Alexis Deacon, Viviane Schwarz (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

The Song of the Nightingale
by Tanya Landman, Laura Carlin (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

Let’s Get Ready for School
by Jane Porter, Carolina Rabei (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

Greek Heroes: Top Ten Myths and Legends!
by Marcia Williams

Let's Save the Great Barrier Reef: Why we must protect our planet 
by Catherine Barr, Jean Claude (illus.)

Together with You
by Patricia Toht, Jarvis (illus.)

A Synagogue Just Like Home
by Alice Blumenthal McGinty, Laurel Molk (illus.)

Tell Me a Lion Story
by Kara Kramer

I Am a Baby
by Bob Shea

Snakes on the Job
by Kathryn Dennis

Pearl Goes to Preschool
by Julie Fortenberry

Now out in paperback!

Where to, Little Wombat?
by Charles Fuge

All of our August releases are now available from all good booksellers!