Wednesday 30 November 2016

Top tips on reading wordless picture books

A family of owls become neighbours with a family of bats ... just how will the night unfold? This stunning wordless picture book from Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick celebrates family, friendship and the power of togetherness.

Mummy Owl and her three little owls live happily on their spacious branch. That is, until the bat family move in. And the new neighbours (the owls up-top, the bats hanging below) can’t help but feel a little wary of one another. Owls just don’t mix with bats and bats don’t mix with owls. But babies are curious little creatures and this curiosity, and a wild, stormy night, might just bring these two families together…

Many of you may be wondering, how exactly you read a wordless picture book! We asked our Tanya Rosie from our Picture Books team to share her top tips…

At first, it can feel daunting to share a wordless picture book with a child. You open the first page and there is no opening line to read aloud, no names for the characters and, when you come to turn the page, no words to guide you across.

But that doesn’t mean a wordless book has to be read in silence.

In fact, a wordless book can inspire even more words. Because, when you open that formidable first page, all you need to do is point things out in the pictures and ask probing questions – Where do you think this story is taking place? What do you think is happening here? Who is that? How do you think they think and feel? – and you’ll soon find that that page, so quiet at first, will have ignited a conversation between you and your child. You’ll find that your child will be looking closely and keenly at the pictures; that they are paying close attention to detail; that they are giving voice to their understanding of the story’s events.   

And when you have explored each picture together and discovered so much narrative there, there’s another wonderful way you can approach a wordless book … you can encourage your child to narrate the illustrations. And then (and without realizing it!) your child will learn so much about plot, about storytelling language, and about structure – they’ll begin to understand the need for a beginning, a middle and an end, and they’ll search for and learn all the new vocabulary they need to tell the story they feel compelled to tell. And what makes reading in this way so special is that the story will never be the same twice. One day your child might narrate in the third-person, another day they might see the story from the viewpoint of just one of the characters – anything goes. Every single reader and every single reading will inspire a whole new story … and isn’t it just that which makes stories so wonderful?

So – don’t feel daunted! Feel brave and courageous when sharing a wordless book, like Owl Bat Bat Owl, with a child. Point things out in the pictures, ask questions, and encourage your child to channel their inner-narrator … do that and we feel sure that you’ll feel involved and excited by all the playful possibilities a wordless book presents. Because a wordless book, in the end, is a gorgeous opportunity – an opportunity for a child to read pictures, and an opportunity for a child’s unique imaginative response to be celebrated and take centre stage on the picture book page. 

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Download our free Owl Bat, Bat Owl reading guide here, packed full of great ideas and discussion points to help you get the most out of reading this book with your little ones.  

Win a Christmas hamper worth £100

As Christmas is only a few weeks away (is it really that time already?) we've put together a selection of our favourite festive picture books, from beautifully illustrated classics to laugh-out-loud crackers. These heart-warming books will get you in the mood for Christmas and make the perfect gifts for little ones (and bigger ones!) to unwrap on Christmas day. Here are our top picture book picks, plus a chance to win a Christmas hamper full of festive treats...

Blue Penguin

A sweet fable with a magical, icy quality from the award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek. "I feel just like a penguin," says Blue Penguin. "But you're not like us," said the other penguins and they left him all alone. Poor Blue Penguin. Will he be able to convince the other penguins he is one of them after all? A moving and charmingly illustrated story about friendship and belonging, with an ending bound to fill you with Christmas cheer!

Penguin Problems
In this festive (but chilly!) season there's nothing better than being all snuggled up reading a hilarious book that will warm your cockles. In this laugh-out-loud collaboration from Jory John and Lane Smith, a penguin levels with human readers about what penguin life is really like ... and it isn't all fun and games! Have you ever considered running away to Antarctica? Of course you have! Because it's a land free of worries and responsibilities! Think again, my friend. This penguin has come to tell you that his life down there is no picnic!

The Christmas Eve Tree
What happens when an unwanted, little fir tree is left all alone in a shop on Christmas Eve? A young boy, who doesn’t seem to mind that the little tree isn’t so tall and straight like the others, takes this crooked fir tree as his own. Down by the river in a cardboard box, decorated with a few candles, the tree finds itself at the centre of a magical Christmas Eve it will never forget. Delia Huddy’s tale has a classic feel but a modern theme at its heart.

The Nutcracker
Fill your Christmas stockings with the magical pop-up edition of Marius Petipa's classic ballet. The Nutcracker story is a much-loved part of Christmas celebrations around the world, and this gorgeous edition captures the excitement of Christmas Eve. Beautifully illustrated, this charming retelling follows Clara's magical journey with the Nutcracker Prince and ends with a stunning pop-up of the Land of Sweets! 

Angel Mae
In Shirley Hughes’ beautiful gift edition of a Christmas classic, Christmas is coming and Mae Morgan's mum is expecting a baby. At school Mae is delighted to be given the part of the Angel Gabriel in the nativity play. But will the new baby steal her glory?

Maisy's Christmas Presents
It's so nice to give your friend a present at Christmas time, don't you agree? Maisy thinks so! When she comes back from her shopping trip, she has presents for everybody! Help Eddie, Charley, Talullah and Cyril unwrap their wonderful gifts by lifting the flaps. Then help choose a special present for Maisy by turning the wheel – what surprise will she get? Or what surprise will you get, all for yourself? You didn't think Maisy would forget you, did you? 

The Christmas Story
The Nativity is brought to life by master pop-up artist Robert Sabuda in six gorgeous 3-D scenes, making this a Christmas gift to treasure. The wondrous story of the birth of Jesus – born in a stable, laid in a manger, visited by shepherds and the three wise men – is exquisitely crafted in six scenes. Glinting with touches of gold and silver, The Christmas Story is a visual delight and a book for the whole family to enjoy at Christmas.

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Wednesday 9 November 2016

Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis

Carson Ellis is the talented author-illustrator of Home, whose latest picture book is very mysterious indeed. Introducing, Du Iz Tak? An exquisite tale of the natural world written in ... “Bug” language!

Full of imagination, this brand new picture book explores the changes of nature that can be found in your own back garden, all through an invented language and gorgeous illustrations that appeal to both children and art-lovers alike.

Perhaps this endearing bug language was inspired by Carson’s own home; a farm in Oregon, USA, where she lives with her family, one cat, two llamas, two goats, one sheep, and eight chickens, a family of barn owls and lots and lots of tree frogs!

After studying painting at university, Carson went on to illustrate in several books such as The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket, Dillweed’s Revenge by Florence Parry Heide, and collaborated on the bestselling Wildwood series with her husband Colin Meloy.

Her debut solo picture book Home is a beautiful tribute to the many places that we all call home. From houses to flats, and even shoes, from messy homes to homes from myth, Carson created a book brimming with visual treats that achieved international acclaim. 

Now, her second book is proving to be just as admired:

“Carson Ellis created a fantastic microcosm with her usual grace and inventiveness …I was completely captivated by Ellis’s wonderful creatures, their charming little word and their droll language.” – The New York Times Book review

“There’s an elusive yet distinctly joyful quality to Carson Ellis’s picture book […]” – The Wall Street Journal

Check out this Q&A video with Carson Ellis to find out more about her and the inspiration behind Du Iz Tak?  

Be the first to get your hands on a copy of Du Iz Tak? and pick up a copy at your local bookshop.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Enter WoBoD 2017 for your school's chance to win up to £5000 worth of books!

Is your child’s school a school of books? There’s exactly one month left to enter WoBoD 2017 and to have the chance of winning £5000 of books for your child's school!

We’ve teamed up with World Book day to invite primary and secondary schools in the UK & Ireland to take our creative challenge for the chance to win even more life-changing book prizes than ever before, to transform your school’s reading habit.

Taking inspiration from A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, we’re asking schools to create their very own ‘world of stories’ display for their school, through any media you choose.

A Child of Books takes you on an inspirational journey of discovery, unlocking magic and adventure and celebrating the power of books and the imagination. So we want YOUR SCHOOL to celebrate your favourite books, those timeless stories you want to share with other story fans.

For full details on how to enter, just head over to the World Book Day website and submit your entry before 9th December 2016. Good luck!  

For a little more inspiration, check out this video of Oliver and Sam talking about the making of the book..

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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Picture Book of the Month: Penguin Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith

Little Penguin has problems: his beak is cold; there’s snow everywhere; the water smells salty; he waddles; he looks the same as everybody else. No – it’s not easy being a penguin!

In this hilarious first collaboration from Jory John and Lane Smith, a penguin levels with human readers about what penguin life is really like ... and it isn't all fun and games! 

Have you ever considered running away to Antarctica? Of course you have! Because it's a land free of worries and responsibilities! Think again, my friend. This penguin has come to tell you that his life down there is no picnic. For starters, it is FREEZING. Also, penguins have loads of natural predators. Plus, can you imagine trying to find your mum in a big crowd of identical penguins? This book is sure to tickle all funny bones, and will elicit appreciative sighs from the adults reading it aloud, too!

Here are a few of our favourite Penguin Problems from the book...


What are your Penguin Problems? We all have them – from losing our keys to spilling our tea or forgetting somebody’s name - we want to know yours! We have three Penguin Problems goody bags to give away, each including a copy of the book, a poster and a beautiful limited edition penguin print. To enter, just email your penguin problem to with ‘Pengiun Problems’ in the subject line, including your name and address. Competition closes 30 November. Terms and conditions apply.

Pick up a copy of Penguin Problems in your local bookshop. Join in the fun and download our free Penguin Problems activity sheet.

George Ezra will be singing the original theme song for Channel 4’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

This Christmas, Channel 4 are going to air a special animated adaptation of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! And it has just been announced that acclaimed British singer-songwriter George Ezra has written and recorded the theme song. 

The 23-year-old, whose debut album Wanted On Voyage was one of the UK’s best-selling of 2014, has penned a distinctive, sweet song called Me & You for the film’s soundtrack. Me & You marks the first time that George has composed a bespoke song for film or television.

Speaking at Abbey Road Studios, where the film’s score was recorded, George Ezra said: “Growing up this story was one of my absolute favourites and my mum read it to all of us for many years. In fact she still reads it to her class at school. But this animation is so much more than just a Bear Hunt and I cannot wait for everybody to see it this Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.”

The original score for We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is composed and conducted by the multi-award-winning Stuart Hancock (Atlantis, Crazyhead) and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with City of London Sinfonia. The 53-piece ensemble was joined by 50 young singers from the London Youth Choir.

Stuart Hancock, composer, said: “It’s been a real thrill to create the music score for We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, and I’ve loved helping tell its story and capture all the new emotions that the animators have brought to it.  Recording with City of London Sinfonia and London Youth Choir has been a blast and I can’t wait for the world to see this at Christmas!”

This Christmas, Channel 4’s half hour film will expand the universe of the much-loved book for a truly festive family treat. Olivia Colman (Broadchurch, The Night Manager), Pam Ferris (Matilda, Call the Midwife) and Mark Williams (Harry Potter, Father Brown) will breathe life into the brand new characters of Mum, Grandma and Dad respectively. Michael Rosen, who wrote the best-selling book, will play the Bear.

©Lupus Films/Walker Books 2015
Based on the hit bedtime book written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury and produced by the makers of Channel 4’s hugely-popular The Snowman and The Snowdog animation, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt follows the intrepid adventures of siblings Stan, Katie, Rosie, Max, the baby and Rufus the dog, who decide one day to go on an adventure in search of bears.
Coming up against a host of obstacles the family ventures through whirling snowstorms, thick oozing mud and dark forests on their ambitious quest. But when Rosie and Rufus become detached from the rest of the party it looks like bear-hunting might not be such fun after all...
Made with exquisite, hand-drawn animation, the film is set to enchant a whole new audience with its story of perseverance, optimism and a love of nature.

The official We’re Going On A Bear Hunt soundtrack featuring George Ezra’s Me & You will be available from Friday, 23rd December .