Wednesday 19 October 2022

Books to Build Empathy

Read on for two delightful picture books to help build empathy:

Cloud Babies by Eoin Colfer, Chris Judge (illus.)

Sometimes, all we need to do is look up… 

From author Eoin Colfer comes Cloud Babies, a tender and empathy-building picture book based on the real-life experiences of illustrator Chris Judge. When Erin becomes ill, she has to spend a long time in hospital. As life moves on beyond the hospital walls, Erin struggles to feel like she belongs. But in the sky, with the help of imagination and a pen, she finds her cloud babies. 

Cloud Babies is a picture book about childhood illness and finding joy and escape through cloud friends.

The Circles in the Sky by Karl James Mountford

A beautiful and sensitive exploration of grief, loss and hope from Karl James Mountford, in his much-awaited author-illustrator debut.

One day, Fox is drawn to something in the forest – it’s something small, something silent, perhaps forgotten. It’s a bird, as still as can be. Fox is confused, upset and angry – is the bird broken? But then a little moth comes along. Kind and wise and comforting, Moth shares a gentle philosophy to help Fox understand: the story of the circles in the sky. Told with sensitivity and style, Karl James Mountford weaves a story of grief, loss and, most importantly, hope.

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Tuesday 18 October 2022

Halloween Highlights

Take a look at our super spooky Halloween picture book highlights!

Leila The Perfect Witch by Flavia Z. Drago

Download our Leila, the Perfect Witch activity sheets!

 Gustavo the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago

Now out in paperback!

 Monsters Go by Daisy Hirst

Monsters Toys by Daisy Hirst

The Haunted Lake by P.J. Lynch

Now out in paperback!

The Haunted House by Jan Pienkowski

Where’s Wally: Spooky Spotlight Search by Martin Handford

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Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht, Jarvis (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

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Download our Pick a Pumpkin activity sheets!

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Thursday 6 October 2022

New October Picture Book Releases

 Check out a selection of our October releases. Find out more by clicking each book below!

Well Done, Mummy Penguin by Chris Haughton

Watch the trailer:

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 The Boy Who Lost His Spark by Maggie O'Farrell, Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini (illus.)

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The Repair Shop Stories: The Christmas Doll by Amy Sparkes, Katie Hickey (illus.)

Publishing 20th October 2022!

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories by Vivian French, Lauren O'Hara (illus.)

India, Incredible India by Jasbinder Bilan, Nina Chakrabarti (illus.)

Cloud Babies by Eoin Colfer, Chris Judge (illus.)

The Woman Who Turned Children Into Birds by David Almond, Laura Carlin (illus.)

The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish by Chloe Savage

Books Aren't For Eating by Carlie Sorosiak, Manu Montoya (illus.)

 Build a House: A history of resilience and the journey to freedom by Rhiannon Giddens, Monica Mikal (illus.)

 Take Off Your Brave: The World through the Eyes of a Preschool Poet by Nadim, Yasmeen Ismail (illus.)

Planet Football by Michelle Robinson, Chris Mould (illus.)

The Mouse Who Carried a House on his Back by Jonathan Stutzman, Isabelle Arsenault (illus.)

Puddling! by Emma Perry, Claire Alexander (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

The Haunted Lake by P. J. Lynch

Now out in Paperback!

Anthony and the Gargoyle by Jo Ellen Bogart, Maja Kastelic (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

Cat Problems by Jory John, Lane Smith (illus.)

Now out in paperback!

Monster Toys by Daisy Hirst

Monsters Go by Daisy Hirst

Merry Little Christmas: a Finger Wiggle Book by Sally Symes, Nick Sharratt (illus.)

All of our October releases are now available from all good booksellers!