Wednesday 19 October 2022

Books to Build Empathy

Read on for two delightful picture books to help build empathy:

Cloud Babies by Eoin Colfer, Chris Judge (illus.)

Sometimes, all we need to do is look up… 

From author Eoin Colfer comes Cloud Babies, a tender and empathy-building picture book based on the real-life experiences of illustrator Chris Judge. When Erin becomes ill, she has to spend a long time in hospital. As life moves on beyond the hospital walls, Erin struggles to feel like she belongs. But in the sky, with the help of imagination and a pen, she finds her cloud babies. 

Cloud Babies is a picture book about childhood illness and finding joy and escape through cloud friends.

The Circles in the Sky by Karl James Mountford

A beautiful and sensitive exploration of grief, loss and hope from Karl James Mountford, in his much-awaited author-illustrator debut.

One day, Fox is drawn to something in the forest – it’s something small, something silent, perhaps forgotten. It’s a bird, as still as can be. Fox is confused, upset and angry – is the bird broken? But then a little moth comes along. Kind and wise and comforting, Moth shares a gentle philosophy to help Fox understand: the story of the circles in the sky. Told with sensitivity and style, Karl James Mountford weaves a story of grief, loss and, most importantly, hope.

Watch the trailer below!