Thursday 8 September 2011

I Want My Hat Back!

Have you seen my hat?

This is the concept behind the brilliant I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. This is coming out in October, but is already available to pre-order on Amazon.

Jon Klassen has created a great little trailer for us, which is live on the Guardian Children’s Books website now – take a peek! And, if you like it, why not let us know with a quick tweet!

On the 19th September, we’re taking part in a GLOBAL blog tour. That’s right, GLOBAL. As you can imagine, we are pretty excited about this one… it’s going to be EPIC.

We will have stops at blogs from America, Canada, Australia and from right here in the UK. There will be exclusive interviews with Jon Klassen, reviews, competitions and more, so don’t miss it! We’ll be tweeting about the tour and all things hats on twitter on #IWantMyHatBack. So, if you have something to say about the book, or have an interesting hat tale to share with us, just send us a tweet!

We’ve also created a downloadable hat for kids – so they can download it, design it, print it… We’d love to see any designs, however wacky, so tweet us a photo @WalkerBooksUK or share on our facebook page now…