Thursday 2 July 2015

Are you brave enough to read this book?

“You could go off and play all day where Floyd lived. There was a field for racing and chasing games, which were his favourite. And up the hill there was the tree with a tyre, which was his other favourite. The only place you weren’t allowed to go was down in the valley behind the houses…”

…because that’s where the Bugaboo lives.  

Where the Bugaboo Lives is a fun, fresh “interactive adventure”, where YOUR choices shape the story. The first choice to make is whether you’re brave enough to read about the dreaded Bugaboo in the first place; warning: if you decide to read on, “you might not go to sleep ever again.” 

If you’re not too scared to keep reading, you’ll follow Floyd and his sister Ruby as they stumble upon the valley behind the houses. Soon, they come to a fork in the path. Here is where you, the reader, make your first choice: 

“And you can choose. If you want  Floyd and Ruby to go uphill… then turn the page. If you want them to go downhill… then turn to page 14.”

The choices YOU make throughout the book decide which weird and wonderful monsters Floyd and Ruby will meet. Sean Taylor has created larger-than-life creatures, including a “long-nosed prickle beast” and a “freaky flibbertigibbet”, brought to booming life by Neal Layton’s chaotic and colourful illustrations. 

There are over ten different possible routes to take in the book, so you’ll want to read it again and again. How will Floyd and Ruby get passed the “sour-face troll” or the “cool ghoul”? And if they do, what are they going to do when they meet the Bugaboo? 

 Not only is this book an absolute treat for the eyes and the imagination, but for the ears too. Sean Taylor’s wonderful Jabberwocky- and Dahl-like language begs to be read aloud: 

“If I touch this super-twang elastic, you’ll be pinged into a net. If I toggle this nozzle-pumper, a whizz-whirring scoop-you-up will sweep you off your feet. And if I whojamaflick this whojamaflip, you’ll drop like stones into a trap-hole that nobody can see!”

As well as all this, a lot of the joy of Where the Bugaboo Lives comes from Floyd and Ruby’s interactions as they experience the adventure together. This is the perfect book for families to read together, to see whether you agree on which path to take (and find out if your dad is actually a great big scaredy pants!) 

Find a copy of Where the Bugaboo Lives at your local bookshop.