Thursday 19 January 2017

I Want My Hat Back makes us happy!

I Want My Hat Back made The Guardian Happy List this week and we’re all so happy about it here at Walker HQ!

 “There’s a special kind of delight in reading a funny picture book with a kid, and this deliciously deadpan tale of a bear on the trail of his lost hat is irresistible. The witty dialogue and illustrations are full of hidden meaning, and the outrageous denouement always has us shrieking. A masterclass in comic timing.”  - The Guardian

What great news! Time to bring out the party hats!

Not only that, in a funny book article, Jenny Colgan had this to say about Jon Klassen’s quirky tale:

“I first came across Je Veux Mon Chapeau by Jon Klassen while living in France, and assumed it was French. Its graphic style and dark undertow seemed far more European than most anglophone books. It is Canadian, though, and for my money the funniest book ever written, and here is why: it is always funny, every single time you read it. And if you know any children at all, you will be reading it a lot.

It is funny in whatever language you read it (22 and counting) and to almost every child in the world. And like many parents and carers, I suspect, I hoard my children’s laughter like miser’s gold: one day, when I am old and drowsy, I want the memory of it ringing out to be all I hear.”  - The Guardian

So, if those reviews aren’t enough to convince you that I Want My Hat Back is a brilliantly witty must-have, watch this trailer and you’ll be sure to fall in love with the big bear and his quest to find his hat. 

I Want my Hat Back and the rest of Jon Klassen's hat trilogy are out now, and you can find them at your local bookshop.