Wednesday 10 May 2017

Dogs of Walker love Raymond

This month we published Raymond  the story of an ordinary dog who, for a while, lives an extraordinary life.

What if dogs could walk and talk and go to work? Well, Raymond the dog has big ambitions beyond his ordinary, canine life in the big city. He wants to take himself for a walk and get his own dinner. And when he’s done all that? Well, he wants a job, just like his owners. But when Raymond begins a high-flying journalism career at Dogue magazine, he soon realizes it’s no walk in the park… 

It turns out it's not only Raymond that would like to escape the everyday canine life and get a job. Here at Walker HQ we've found lots of dogs reading Raymond for inspiration. It won't be long until we hire our first official Walker office dog. Check out some of the best snaps!



With a stylish limited palette and incredible visual humour, children and adults alike will fall in love with Raymond and his laugh-out-loud antics in this absurdly original – yet highly relatable – world.

“The message won’t be lost on adult readers while children will delight in Raymond’s extraordinary adventures.” - Andrea Reece, LoveReading

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