Monday 11 September 2017

5 Reasons we LOVE Maisy

Lucy Cousin’s beloved Maisy Mouse has been around for over 25 years now. So why do we love Maisy so much? Well, here are five reasons from the Maisy team at Walker to get started…

1) Maisy is an excellent role model for girls and boys of all ages

Want to drive a train? Fly to the moon? Board a pirate ship and search for buried treasure? Maisy has done it all! From playing football to making lemonade to growing her own garden, Maisy is never afraid to take on a challenge. Little ones and grownups take note; anything is possible for girls, boys or – in Maisy’s case – mice!

2) Maisy is a good friend

Whether it’s taking a scared Charley to the dentist when he has a wobbly tooth, comforting Eddie when he’s having a tough day, or picking out the perfect present for everyone, you can always rely on Maisy to be there for her friends! Maisy always brings wisdom, laughter and fun… not to mention the best snacks!

3) Maisy is creative

Here at Walker, we love a good “crafternoon”… and so does Maisy! From her inspired fancy dress Zebra costume to the colourful works of art hanging all over her house, Maisy books are full of resourceful ideas and creative things to make and do. In fact, when we are working on the Maisy books, it’s usually a good excuse to crack out the glitter glue…

4) Maisy is adventurous

When Maisy heads out on a day trip or to ride the tallest roller coaster at the funfair, it often prompts us to get our own boots on and go out on adventures. As much we all love to curl up with a good book, Maisy’s passion for camping, swimming and the big, beautiful world in general is great for inspiring us to go outdoors.

5) Maisy is just so fun and colourful

Maisy’s creator, Lucy Cousins, has always loved working with bright, bold colours, and Maisy is no exception – her whole world is full of vibrant colours and characters. Every detail, from clothing to the tasty feasts, just pops on the page. It’s a joy to look at and work with, and a big reason why Maisy is still so fun, lively and well-loved after all this time. 

So there you have it! Just five of the many reasons we love Maisy so much. Did we miss anything off the list? Let us know why you love Maisy below! 

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