Thursday, 6 February 2020

February's top picks of the month!

Fret not, February is full of fantastic new picture books to read! Here are some of our top picks...

Money-Go-Round by Roger McGough

Mr Toad has a shiny gold coin. He gives it to Miss Mole to pay for a room in her hotel. Now Miss Mole can pay Sam Stoat for painting the hotel, and Sam Stoat can pay back Mr Badger ... until the coin might just end up back where it started! From renowned poet Roger McGough and Kate Greenaway Medal winner Mini Grey, this is an inspired and witty tale featuring beloved characters from The Wind in the Willows.

Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake by Eoin McLaughlin

As Bear travels from A to Z, visiting all sorts of characters, objects and extraordinary places along the way, can YOU help him search for the culprit? But, wait! Are those crumbs on Bear’s page? And are those Bear-shaped pawprints next to the empty cake stand? It seems our narrator might not be as reliable as we first thought...

King Mouse by Cary Fagan 

A mouse comes upon a tiny crown in the grass. The mouse puts the crown on his head, and when a bear walks by and asks if he's king, the mouse responds "Yes." The tiny monarch settles into his new role very comfortably ... until, that is, a snake comes upon a crown and claims she is queen. The mouse is not amused! Especially when, one by one, the other animals find crowns and claim they are kings, too. But when the bear can't find a crown, King Mouse make a most surprising decision...

Dandelion's Dream by Yoko Tanaka

In a meadow filled with dandelion buds just about to flower, one dandelion blooms into a real lion. Roots and leaves unfurl into four tiny paws and a long tail with a fluffy yellow tuft. What a great, wide world there is to explore when you have paws instead of roots! There are fast trains to ride, regal ships to sail, and cities with lights as bright as Dandelion’s field in full bloom. But will a real lion ever be content to go back to being a rooted dandelion?

Flat Cat by Hiawyn Oram

Sophie absolutely adores Jimi and smothers him with treats. She thinks he has everything a cat could possibly desire. And Jimi does ... but he doesn’t ... because secretly Jimi longs to explore the bright and bustling world outside. So when Sophie rushes out one day forgetting her keys, there’s only one thing for it: Jimi slips on his coat and skedaddles out of there, too! Where will he go and who will he meet on those wild and exciting streets? And what on earth will Sophie say?

Be sure to pick up our top picks at your nearest bookshop! 


  1. I truly trust this book makes the Caldecott waitlist since it merits it. It is beautifully shown. Furthermore, the story is the genuine article either. Loved the illistrations beautifully done by whiteboard animation video.! the story is about a young mouse that finds a crown and puts it on making himself a king A mouse discovers crown in the forested areas. Others see him wearing it and accept he is the lord. Yet, them increasingly more discover crowns. With the exception of the bear. There is no crown for him. Be that as it may, perhaps he will discover something far better. The story is great and the illustrations are great.

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