Tuesday 12 October 2021

Everyone Sang: A Poem for Every Feeling by William Sieghart and Emily Sutton (illus.)

Everyone Sang: A Poem for Every Feeling is a brand new, magnificent poetry anthology chosen by the creator of the bestselling Poetry Pharmacy, William Sieghart. This exquisite gift-book contains over a hundred poems and is illustrated in sensational style by picture-book star Emily Sutton. 

Divided into four thoughtfully curated sections, including Poems to Make You Smile, Poems to Move You, Poems to Give You Hope and Poems to Calm and Connect You, the poems originate from an extraordinary and diverse range of sources, from Maya Angelou to A.A. Milne, Lemn Sissay, Jackie Kay, Carol Ann Duffy, Joseph Coelho, Kae Tempest, W.B. Yeats, Christina Rossetti and Emily Dickinson, among many others. 
Combining traditional favourites with recent gems, there are poems to delight, inspire, entertain, intrigue, console and uplift readers of all ages.

Watch our Everyone Sang: A Poem for Every Feeling trailer below: