Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oh No, George!: The Making of... [part 3]

The last part of Chris Haughton's guest blog looking at how he came up with Oh No, George!

This is the part of the book im most proud of... the first page builds up in three images to a large close up of George with the text 'what will George do?' When the page turns, the following double page spread tells us exactly what George has done... OH NO!!! 

As you can see George does some pretty terrible things, but all is forgiven in the end.

The end-papers are a kind of before and after...

I quite liked having a little quote on the title page for A Bit Lost. I decided to go with this one from the stoic philosopher Epictetus for George:

'Freedom is secured not by the fulfiling of one's desire... No man is free who is not master of himself'- Epictetus.

The final proofs and tweaks were all done in a very intensive few weeks with the help from Deirdre and Dan (from Walker Books) when I got back to the UK (my room was being lived in so i did all this from my next door neighbour's place!)



Oh No, George! was published on 1st March 2012 and is available to buy here.

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  1. Temptation .. temptation ... because when you are told not to do something, well then that just becomes the one thing that you do want to do, and it becomes oh so hard to resist! Chris captures this so brilliantly here. I love gaining an insight in to the process behind creating a picture book that I love!