Tuesday 6 March 2012

Oh No, George!: The Making of... [part 2]

Following on from the last post, Chris Haughton further reveals the creative process he went through to create Oh No, George!

I usually draw from my head without using much reference but I found myself Googling 'guilty dogs' to see if I could find some good material. It turns out there's a lot about this on the internet. The video below is really worth watching if you 

haven't seen it.

Most of this work was done while I was in Kathmandu. I went over to get more involved in my fair trade work and ended up staying between there and India for more than 8 months in 2010. I was lucky to work on some super projects there which was the main reason I was very late for my book deadlines. In fact this book was 9 months late and was supposed to have been out last August (!)

I did most of the sketches for George from this room...

and I sent the Bologna draft from this internet cafe (the monks were on Facebook)
This is me trying to finish off the last images in the airport on my way home, I had to meet my editors Deirdre and Lucy the following week and I hadn't done half as much as I had said I had... (!)

Look out for the final installment of Chris' post coming soon!