Friday 8 April 2011

Everybody Was A Baby Once by Allan Ahlberg & Bruce Ingman

Meet witches, snowmen, lizards and favourite nursery-rhyme characters in this joyful poetry collection for infants of every age!

The inspired creators of The Runaway Dinner and The Pencil, Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman are proud to serve you up a shouting, screaming, smiling, whistling, playing, chasing, rhyming romp for children of every age. Nineteen poems, funny, wistful, delightfully illustrated, introduce a merry cast of babies, witches, sausages, robbers and favourite nursery-rhyme characters that will enchant everybody who is – or was – a baby!

For a little bit of Friday fun, check out this adorable video featuring one of the poems from the book, The Sausage Whistler, created by illustrator Bruce Ingman.