Wednesday 10 June 2015

This month we're OVER THE MOON to be publishing the paperback of The Mouse Who Ate the Moon by Petr Horáček, starring the adorable Little Mouse from Petr's prize-winning picture book, A New House for Mouse. 

In this charming tale, Little Mouse discovers that a piece of big, yellow moon has fallen from the sky and landed right outside her house! The moon looks far too delicious for Little Mouse to resist, but before long she's nibbled away over half of it! It is only when Rabbit and Mole show her the full moon in the sky that she realises that maybe it wasn't the moon after all... As Petr Horáček notes at the end of the book, “nobody can really eat the moon”. This is a fun and heartwarming story with unique illustrations that allows children to interact by peeping through the holes in the pages, perfect for children 0-5 years. The Mouse Who Ate the Moon is a bedtime classic waiting to happen!
How to Draw with Petr Horáček
One thing you might not know about Petr Horáček is that he LOVES cake, so we took him out to the lovely Tea House Theatre next to Walker HQ for tea, cake and to watch Petr drawing some of his favourite characters...

After settling down in a cosy corner surrounded by teapots, cakes and books, Petr got out his pencils, wax crayons and watercolours and showed us how he draws Little Mouse, Puffin Peter, Suzy Goose and Elephant. Get creative with the kids and have a go:

Join in the fun and have a go at these The Mouse Who Ate the Moon activity sheets. Or why not have a go at making your own mouse mask!

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Find a copy of The Mouse Who Ate the Moon at your local bookshop.