Tuesday 22 March 2016

Near, Far

What's that? A pointy ear? Or a scaly spike? Try to spot animals from just one close-up detail in this playful first book of animals.

From up close and far away, things can look so different! Can you guess what animals are hiding in the book? Is that a big green crocodile, a tiny pink bird – or a huge blue hippopotamus? This funny wordless picture book is a playful introduction to perspective for young children. 

Can you guess which seven animals are hiding in the book’s pages? It may sound easy but, at first, you can only see the animals up close … and things look so different from up close and far away! What looks like an elephant’s trunk...

might actually be... a little birdie’s tail.

This stylish picture book is from the innovative creators of Black Cat, White Cat and has Minibombo’s trademark bold colour palette for the youngest of readers (and their design-loving parents, too!).

Look out for five fabulous Minibombo books publishing this year: Near, Far and Now You See Me, Now You Don’t are out now, Open Up, Please publishes in June, and Shapes, Reshape! and Shapes at Play come out in July. Little books buzzing with big ideas!

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