Thursday 3 March 2016

New Spring Reads

The days are getting longer and spring is round the corner! To welcome in the new season, we've put together a selection of our favourite new spring reads, perfect for refreshing little bookshelves.

Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! By Sean Taylor and Kate Hindley

This small dog is fed.up. He has the MOST embarrassing owner ever! He gets fluffed, shampooed, and spritz in smelly perfumes, is fed heart-shaped Mini Puppy Treats, and worst of all he gets called the most mortifying nicknames! He’s had enough and demands to his owner – don’t call me Choochie Pooh! He just wants to do proper dog things, like chasing sticks, jumping in puddles and playing with the big dogs in the park. A beautiful message about making new friends and finding the ones to accept you for who you really are. Perfect for fellow dog-lovers and those little children who just want to play with the ‘big kids’! Laugh-out-loud text by Sean Taylor paired with vibrant, expressive illustration by Kate Hindley.

Alan is the biggest, scariest alligator in the whole jungle, famous for his sharp, shiny teeth and razor-like nails he loves to spend his day snapping at all the other animals. However Alan has a huge secret that no one knows about – he has false teeth! One day his teeth go missing, how on earth is he meant to be scary now, what will he do? Alan is so upset when all the other animals laugh at him that he cries, but they agree he can have his teeth back as long as he stops scaring everyone. A comedic tale about friendship and finding your true self, Jarvis really delivers on an intriguing story and fun images to go along.

Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy

It's 30 years since Jill Murphy's picture book classic Five Minutes' Peace was published, and it's just as funny and accurate a portrayal of family life as when it first came out!  Mrs Large the elephant - who just needs five minutes of peace and quiet away from her boisterous children! So, taking refuge in the bathroom, she fills herself a hot, foamy bubble bath and takes in a tray of her favourite breakfast and the morning paper. But there's never a dull moment with the Larges, and it soon becomes clear that mum's quiet time is to be very short-lived! Family life is beautifully observed in this warm and funny modern classic from Jill Murphy, one of Britain's most treasured author-illustrators.

Skip to the Loo by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Anita Jeram

Bunny wants his potty. What will bunny do? Only one thing for it ... skip to the loo! Bunny's not the only one skipping to the loo. Look who else wants their potty! Quite a few...
In vibrant, rhythmic, rhyming beats, Sally Lloyd-Jones gets the party going in a book that simply rejoices in the call of nature! Everyone is invited to celebrate – from an only lonely dodo to a wibbly woo, Lord and Lady Huff Puff and a ballerina elephant in a tutu, too! When the Potty Party is truly in full swing, and everyone's on their potty – POO! POO! POO! – bunny spots that someone very important is missing... Wait! Could it be you? 

Alphonse, That Is Not OK to Do by Daisy Hirst

From the remarkable new talent behind The Girl With the Parrot on Her Head comes a story about two monster siblings, Natalie and Alphonse. Natalie mostly loves her little brother Alphonse being there – they name the pigeons, bounce things off the bunk beds, have stories in the chair and make lots of fun stuff together. But, when Natalie catches Alphonse eating her most favourite book, well … that is not OK! Daisy’s expressive, bold illustration and unique picture book voice will enchant and charm all readers in this truly original new title.

You can find all of these books at your local bookshop.