Friday 29 April 2016

Bank Holiday Bookshelf

We've rounded up a few of our new titles to make your bank holiday reading list extra special!

A Brave Bear

Who is the best at helping a little bear be brave? His dad, of course!

‘a glorious dad-centric story about an incredibly brave little bruin!
                      - Read it Daddy

'This is without doubt one of the most heart-warming reads of the year, coupled with Hughes’ signature intricate illustrations, there’s nothing we don’t love about A Brave Bear.'

                               - Picture Books Blogger

Download A Brave Bear activity sheets here.

Julius Zebra Bundle with the Britons

Hilarious follow-up to Julius' first adventure with the Romans.

‘This book [Rumble with the Romans] is a very funny, page-turning adventure, perfect for seven-year-olds and over to enjoy! It is great for train journeys. Simply pop it in your bag and take it anywhere… you won't want to put it down.

     - Guardian Children’s

Migloo's Day

Join Migloo, a fun-loving dog, on his day out and about in the busy, silly and hilarious world of Sunnytown!

"This is a book that will be returned to again and again as new incidents are discovered and different characters explored. One for sharing together or keeping your youngster absorbed for hours." 

-The School Librarian

Download Migloo activity sheets here. 

Voices from the Second World War

A powerful, moving collection of first-person accounts of the Second World War. 

'It is more important than ever that we remember, and that children growing up now understand something of what they went through. There are lots of interviews not just with soldiers but with airmen, land girls, members of the Desert Rats and the SOE, and civilians, including those who as children lived through the bombing, in the UK, Germany or Japan. They tell stories of resilience, grief and unexpected happiness, speaking candidly to their interviewers, many of whom are children, and it’s impossible not to be moved and humbled by them.' 

- Love Reading for Kids