Thursday 16 June 2016

Summer Reads 2016

Treat your book shelves with these fantastic summer reads!

Double Trouble, Atinuke, Lauren Tobia

Everything is changing for Anna Hibiscus, she's a sister!
But - oh dear - everyone is now so busy!

Open Up, Please, Lorenzo Clerici, Silvia Borando

Do not lift the flap! 
(Seriously... it's not a good idea!)
You want a teensy-tiny peek inside?
Well, don't say we didn't warn you!

How To Catch a Mouse, Phillipa Leathers

The story of Clemmie – a brave, fearsome cat who knows exactly how to catch a mouse. And she would prove it, too, except that she’s never actually seen a mouse. 

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Ace Dragon, Russell Hoban, Quentin Blake 

“I can make fire come out of my nose and mouth,” the dragon tells John. 
“I can fly. I can spin gold into straw if you have any gold.” 
John doesn’t have any gold – and he doesn’t need any straw. (Not yet, anyway.) 

The Most Wonderful Thing in the World, Vivian French, Angela Barrett

When a king and a queen promise to marry their daughter Lucia to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world, suitors descend on the palace bearing gifts. Roses, jewels and exotic birds; dancing girls, wind machines and mythical beasts – but nothing feels quite right. 

Home, Carson Ellis

 Home might be a house in the country, a flat in the city, or even a shoe. 
There are clean homes, messy homes, sea homes and bee homes. 
Home resides on the road or the sea, in the realm of myth, or in the artist's own studio. 

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A Spot of Bother, Jonathon Emmett, Vanessa Cabban

Pig is very proud of his neat appearance, so he's horrified to discover a spot of squashed cherry on his side. But when his farmyard friends try to help – with disastrous results – the spot of bother soon becomes a truly calamitous catastrophe!

Soon, Timothy Knapman, Patrick Benson

Raju follows his mother, holding tightly onto her tail, as they bravely journey across a wide river, battle the tall grass and delve into the deep, dark forest ...  
But where are Raju and his mummy going? What will they see in the end?

Footpath Flowers, JonArno Lawson, Sydney Smith

An ode to the importance of small things, small people and small gestures, 
Footpath Flowers is a quiet but powerful testament to the joy that children 
can find in ordinary things and the mutual value of giving.

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Migloo's Day, William Bee

Meet Migloo – everyone’s favourite dog – and follow him on his adventures through Sunnytown as he follows his nose for delicious treats, meets all his friends along the way and even saves the day!

A Brave Bear, Sean Taylor, Emily Hughes

When Dad Bear says, "I think a pair of hot bears is probably the hottest thing in the world," Little Bear suggests that they go all the way to the river to cool down. But what will happen when Little Bear tries to impress his dad by doing a big jump across the rocks?