Friday 29 March 2019

Little Fish and Mummy on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Walker is celebrating with a lovely, brand-new shaped board book from the world of Hooray for Fish! In this heart-warming rhyming story from the wonderful Lucy Cousins, Little Fish is having a special day, just him and Mummy Fish:

My mummy’s orange just like me.
We both have yellow spots.
I love my mummy very much,
I know she loves me lots.
It’s got the team thinking about all the things we share with the mum-figures in our lives, related or otherwise. No one’s mentioned yellow spots, but here are some choice love-filled testimonies from us all:

Nghiem Ta, Art Director

When I was growing up, my mum was strict and fearsome. To us kids, all she did was work and cook... all the little things we took (and take) for granted! Now, as a grown-up, I see my mum as the wonder she is. She’s accomplished so much on her own and is such an inspiration to me.

And she still cooks amazing food! Yum!

Isabelle Gamon, Art Director

When I was a child, I desperately wanted a Barbie Dream House, but couldn’t buy one. Instead, my mother spent a week building my doll her very own home, complete with real wallpaper and hand-knitted furnishings. This to me sums up all that is wonderful about my mum: she is resourceful, creative, dedicated, and filled with unconditional love.  It also might be why I’m now obsessed with Grand Designs...

Bonne fête des mères, maman. Bisous.

Ruby Constable, Assistant Editor

When I was little, my grandma used to tell me the most extraordinary bedtime stories, which turned out were actually the plots of famous book and films. My absolute favourite was Jane Eyre. Charlotte Brontë’s version is alright, but my gran does a satisfyingly terrifying Bertha impression and could tell the whole story in the ten minutes before lights out. She also made up a beautiful lullaby about butterflies, which I later discovered had the same melody as The Godfather theme tune. 

Happy Mothers’ Day gran. You’re weird, I love it.

Hannah Whitaker, Senior Creative Editor

When I was a six, my father made me a beautiful dolls house which I used to play with all the time. My daughter Amelia - who is eight - has it in her bedroom now, and we love to spend time together moving all the furniture around!

Inês Amaral, Designer

Me and my mum both love cabbage, steamed fish and chewing on bones. Not a pretty picture, but my mum’s satisfaction with having food companion makes it very worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day mum, you are and always be my inspiration, moral compass and favourite chef.

Rachel Boden, Senior Commissioning Editor

My children and I share a love of books. Funny ones, sad ones, magical ones. I still read to them every night. We do silly voices – my seven-year-old daughter does an excellent Texan drawl for completely inappropriate characters (e.g. Rainbow Fairies). No room is complete without a shelf of books, as proven when my son built himself a house in Minecraft, aged 6, and included a golden throne and a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. I am hoping for a golden throne as a Mother’s Day gift this year…

What special thing do you share with the mothering figure(s) in your life? Let us know below! And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Little Fish and Mummy, swimming into a bookshop near you!