Friday 5 February 2016

Book of the month: Alan's Big Scary Teeth by Jarvis

This is Alan. Alan is very scary. He says things like, "I'M BIG SCARY ALAN! FEAR MY RAZOR-SHARP TEETH!' But all is not as it seems. Alan, you see, has a very BIG (not-so-scary) secret...

Famed for his big, scary teeth, Alan sneaks into the jungle every day to scare the jungle animals ... But after a long day of scaring, Alan likes nothing better than to run a warm mud bath and take out his false teeth, which nobody knows about! That is, until his teeth go missing. What will Alan do now? Scaring is the only thing he knows how to do! Can he still be scary without them? A goofy comedy of self-discovery, witty, warm-hearted storytelling and bright graphic art will make this (and Alan!) a firm children’s book favourite.

Alan's Big Scary Teeth is written and illustrated by a brilliant designer called Jarvis, and this is his first picture book with Walker Books! Jarvis studied graphic design and previously worked as both a record sleeve designer and an animation director before becoming a children's book illustrator. Jarvis says, "The way I work is always visual. I will have an image or character in mind and I pull a story out of it. I doodle and doodle and doodle until I get it right." Jarvis lives in Manchester with his girlfriend and their cat. 


We have five Alan's Big Scary Teeth goody bags to give away, each including a copy of the book, an alligator toothbrush and activity sheets! To enter, just answer this question:

What animal is Alan?
a) An alligator
b) A crocodile
c) A dinosaur
To enter, just send your answer, along with your name and address to by 29/02/16. Terms and conditions apply.

Join in the fun and download these free activity sheets. Find a copy of Alan's Big Scary Teeth at your local bookshop.