Friday 12 February 2016

Top picks for half term

It’s half term, yay! To keep your little ones thoroughly entertained for the next week, we've selected some of our favourite new picture books – some even include activity sheets for hours more fun!

How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz 

It’s time for an adventure! Join Anna and her friend, Crocodile, on their hunt for gold. It won’t be easy though; they have to master secret-keeping faces, prove they’re strong enough to carry the gold, and finally, draw a world map with an X that marks the spot. Setting sail in their boat they could discover anything! From the award-winning author-illustrator of There are Cats in This Book, Viviane Schwarz, comes a wonderful tale about friendship and imaginative play bound to inspire kids to create their own thrill-seeking missions at home.

When Isabel’s friend, Simon, moves away forever she becomes sad and angry, deciding it would be best if she remained on her own… well not completely, she had a parrot on her head. The pair spend their time creating a system where she organizes all sorts of things into boxes, including wolves! When Isabel encounters a new problem, she makes an unlikely friend who just so happens to have a solution for her. A quirky book about the endless possibilities of imaginative play, making new friends and the hardships of moving house, Hirst really taps into the range of emotions young children feel. 

The Bus Is for Us by Michael Rosen and Gillian Tyler

We can take so many different modes of transport when we travel and this picture book is filled with every one you can imagine; from car to plane, by horse-back or sailing by boat. There’s even ways we wish we could desperately travel by, like floating through the skies on a cloud, or maybe hugging the back of a polar bear as you race through the Artic! But none the less, ‘the bus is the best; the best is the bus because the bus is for us!’ With plenty of rhyming, poetic fun this book helps to showcase to children the importance of buses in our lives and how much we should appreciate them.

Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! By Sean Taylor and Kate Hindley

This small dog is fed.up. He has the MOST embarrassing owner ever! He gets fluffed, shampooed, and spritz in smelly perfumes, is fed heart-shaped Mini Puppy Treats, and worst of all he gets called the most mortifying nicknames! He’s had enough and demands to his owner – don’t call me Choochie Pooh! He just wants to do proper dog things, like chasing sticks, jumping in puddles and playing with the big dogs in the park. A beautiful message about making new friends and finding the ones to accept you for who you really are. Perfect for fellow dog-lovers and those little children who just want to play with the ‘big kids’! Laugh-out-loud text by Sean Taylor paired with vibrant, expressive illustration by Kate Hindley.

Alan is the biggest, scariest alligator in the whole jungle, famous for his sharp, shiny teeth and razor-like nails he loves to spend his day snapping at all the other animals. However Alan has a huge secret that no one knows about – he has false teeth! One day his teeth go missing, how on earth is he meant to be scary now, what will he do? Alan is so upset when all the other animals laugh at him that he cries, but they agree he can have his teeth back as long as he stops scaring everyone. A comedic tale about friendship and finding your true self, Jarvis really delivers on an intriguing story and fun images to go along.