Monday 1 February 2016

Choochie Pooh (and friends!)

This month we published a book called Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh! by Sean Taylor and Kate Hindley about a very small and very fed-up dog. This dog doesn't want to be carried in a handbag (how embarrassing!) or eat heart-shaped Mini Puppy Treats (I mean, come ON!) and under no circumstances does he ever want to be called Choochie Pooh! If only his owner understood...

Inspired by this charming tale, we set about asking the dog-owners of Walker Books for the stories behind their dogs' names. Here's what we found out... 


Rigsby belongs to Alan, who works in production at Walker Books, and is named after Leonard Rossiter from the TV show, Rising Damp


This is Helen's Airedale terrier, Buster, who is sometimes known as Buddy for no reason whatsoever! 


Here is Jo from marketing's rather portly gentleman pug. Originally called Toby, he swiftly became known as Puggy, which has stuck! Mind you he'll answer to most names, however ridiculous, if it means getting food! 


Peanut is named after designer Charlie's favourite food - peanut butter! He also looked like a peanut when he was a tiny puppy. Sometimes he gets called Monkey because he loves cuddles, but the nick-name he really doesn't like is 'Nut-nuts'. He would HATE to be called Choochie Pooh!

Rafferty & Yeti 

Rafferty and Yeti both belong to Gudrun who works in IT. Rafferty can sleep for England and is not very intelligent, so is sometimes known as Einstein. Yeti is true to her name now as she is very big and white!


This is Oscar, who belongs to David from our Export department. Oscar is a 5 month old Cavachon puppy whose name means "gentle friend". This wasn't David's son's first choice of name - that was Jeremy. This was quickly ruled out as David didn't want to stand in the park shouting "JEREMY!" at the top of his voice!


To be in with a chance of winning a copy of Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh! PLUS a Picture Book Party goody bag including posters, stickers and activity sheets, just send us a photo of YOUR cute canine friend and tell us about their name! Please email your submission to by 29/02/16. Terms and conditions apply.