Wednesday 14 September 2016

Guest Post: New York Times Bestselling author Kate Beaton shares the making of King Baby!

We are delighted to have our very first guest post from Kate Beaton
the New York Times Bestselling author illustrator of The Princess and the Pony

Kate joins us to talk about her brand new book King Baby!

I first drew King Baby in 2011, in a coffee shop:

Someone made a thing about it, very helpful:

 But King Baby was just an idea with funny drawings for a long time. 

Like this one. 

 And these two.

And then my nephew was born and I went to visit him for the first time. 

 Here he is (in 2015):

I drew comics about it:


And then King Baby became a book! 

Here are a few more sketches. 

Behind the Scenes!

I made a version of King Baby that was from the parent's perspective.  It was more tender, but not so funny as King Baby narrating. There's a preview below but you can download it by clicking HERE.