Tuesday 24 October 2017

WIN I Want to Be in a Scary Story - Plus SPOOKtacular Halloween Party Ideas

The stellar duo behind Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise reunites to create a book that will have children (and their parents!) roaring with laughter once again.

Monster wants to be in a scary story – but is he brave enough? Scary stories have creepy witches and creaky stairs and dark hallways and spooky shadows… Oh my goodness me! That is very scary. Maybe, a funny story would be better after all? Brilliantly interactive, children will delight in the wickedly funny turn-of-the-pages, see themselves in the goofy, unconventional monster, and revel in the bold, hilarious illustration of celebrated graphic artist, Jean Jullien.

We have everything you need to host your own spine-chilling I Want to Be in a Scary Story Halloween party. Check out our spooky event suggestions below!

Musical Monsters
Instead of Musical Statues, play Musical Monsters. When the music stops, ask the children to strike a monstrous pose and keep as still as possible. Any wobbling, and they're out!

Little Monster Says
Why not try a version of Simon Says? Instead of using Simon, use Little Monster! Ask the children to jump up and down, pull a scary face, shout boo etc. - but only if Little Monster says so! 

Pass the Spooky Parcel
Wrap a spooky prize in a number of layers of wrapping paper and pass the parcel around. Whoever has the parcel when the music stops, gets to unwrap a layer. Restart the music and continue the game until each later is removed and prize revealed.

Sleeping Ghosts 
Instead of Sleeping Lions, you could play Sleeping Ghosts. Get the children to lie on the floor keeping as still as possible. Each time someone moves, they are out. The winner is the child who keeps still for the entire game!

Witch's Footsteps
Choose someone to be the Witch who will then stand at the far end of the room with their back turned to the rest of the children. Everyone else playing stands in a line at the far end of the room and starts sneaking up on the Witch. The Witch, however, can turn round at any point and when they do, everyone has to freeze! Anyone caught moving is sent back to the beginning. The first child to touch the Witch is the winner!

Scary Story Time
What a day it's been! It's time for Little Monster to settle down and listen to a scary story. Have fun reading I Want to Be in a Scary Story or Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise.


We have five I Want to Be in a Scary Story goodie bags to give away! Each goodie bag include a copy of the bookplus spooky sticker sheets, fiendish activity sheets and a monstrous poster. 

To enter, just email your name and address to competitions@walker.co.uk with ‘Scary Story PBP' in the subject line for your chance to win. 

Competition closes on 24th November 2017. Terms and conditions apply.

Check out the fun animated trailer below! 

Sean Taylor has written more than 40 books for young readers. These include picture books such as Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise, illustrated by Jean Jullien, Where the Bugaboo Lives, illustrated by Neal Layton, A Brave Bear, illustrated by Emily Hughes, Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh and They Came from Planet Zabaloolooillustrated by Kate Hindley. He lives in Bristol with his wife and two sons. Find Sean online at seantaylorstories.com and on Twitter as @seantstories.

Jean Jullien is an illustrator who works with a vast range of media including illustration, photography, installations and clothing. He graduated from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art and, in 2011, founded Jullien Brothers, specializing in moving image. His clients include Waterstones, the Tate, Channel 4, Byron Burger, The New York Times and the Guardian; he also regularly exhibits his work worldwide. Find him online at jeanjullien.com and on Instagram as @jean_jullien.