Wednesday 5 October 2016

Which book made you a child of books?

To celebrate the launch of A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, we asked our readers a simple question - which book made you a child of books?

Authors, illustrators, booksellers and book-lovers all got involved and Tweeted us their photos, sharing their childhood inspirations and revealing which book was the first to spark their imagination...

If you haven’t picked up a copy of A Child of Books yet, you’re in for a treat. This picture book is a completely unique reading experience; it will take you on a journey into the depths of your imagination, sail you across a sea of words and float you through a world of stories.  This is the first time Oliver Jeffers has collaboratively written and illustrated a book with another artist and the first time Sam has made a children's book - and the result is breathtakingly beautiful.  Together they have blended illustration and the printed and written word to create an immersive story of discovery, and will touch the hearts of children and adults alike, inspiring every reader to explore, question and imagine timeless stories of their own.

"I am a Child of Books. I come from a world of stories and upon my imagination I float."


Are YOU a child of books? Which was the first book that unlocked the door to your imagination? Tell us for a chance to win a special copy of A Child of Books signed by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston! To enter, just email us a selfie that shows us which book made you a child of books, to with ‘Book Selfie’ in the subject line. Closing date 28/10/2016. Terms and Conditions apply.

Here are just a few of the lovely things people are saying about A Child of Books:

"The message - and indeed the last line - is, of course, that imagination is free; that there's a little crack you can look through and see a whole universe. [...] Like all the best children's books, it can be enjoyed superficially or you can get into the nitty gritty of the texts - the reader can go as deep as he likes." The Daily Telegraph.

“Oliver Jeffers’ new book is a first time collaboration with Sam Winston and it is something that everyone should have in their homes, old and young. A call to arms for the imagination, the power of stories and a reminder the magic is out there for all of us. A beautiful masterpiece.” Angels & Urchins

"This stunning visual poem, about the way the fantasy worlds of children's books create the fabric of the grown-up mind, is also, as Jeffers is keen to remind me, "a story about a boy and a girl who go on an adventure". Like all of his works, A Child of Books is for everyone and not just kids." The Irish Times.

"A lavish and uplifting celebration of the wonders of a limitless imagination and the power of the written word. An unforgettably inspiring read for all ages." Little London

"...easily a contender for the most beautiful children’s book of the year.  The stunning typographical landscapes - comprised of the text of  children’s classic novels - make this every book-lover’s dream book. A  truly magical work of art." Huffington Post 

"It’s a hymn of books, reading and stories, a unique reading experience and an inspirational gift for book lovers young and old." The Bookseller 

Pick up a copy of A Child of Books in your local bookshop.